Working HARD...

I think the only real downside to working this particular shop, is my hayfever. There's so much to move around, and so much to do, and it's all so very exciting - since Saturday, we've knocked out a temporary wall (that was there for many many years), piled magazines into storage, pulled out a cabinet from storage (also for many years), and completely re-sorted the entire Non-Fiction section (HUGE job, took 4 people), chucking a good 100 books into the $1 bin (honestly, how many copies of "how the hip, butt and thigh diet can change your life" can one place have?!) - then we sub-genre'd and put away everything.
Unfortunately, this means many-year-old dust has been mixing lovingly with our breathable oxygen, and it's not responding well with my lungs.

Fortunately, we're finally making a aesthetic difference! Loving how the place is looking at the moment, so much tidier! It's downsizing the room in my brain I'm using freaking out about how much I need to do, and suddenly there's so much more space for inspiration.

The next thing on my list, is a new desk area. Well, that's the next major [aesthetic] change. Before that I need to move around shelves, find new homes for things, drink more tea..
So, while drinking coffee with my cat on the deck this morning, I finally managed to get a almost-final design for the next furniture! And a potential carpenter! I can't wait to have hand-made bespoke (and vintage) furniture scattering the shop. So many renovations to be done beforehand! It'll be nice to have space to actually put my highlighters...

5 things at once. It seems that's what I'm good at doing.
I have one more non-fiction section to sub-genre (and put away), a couple of signs to make, 2 pieces of furniture to paint, the December accounts to do, a couple of books to price, a bunch to $1-sticker (and put outside), a website to design, and some Pinspiration to look at...

See next post for some awesome before-and-after pics! ;)

S x